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About the Authors

The College Success Factors Index evolved from the experience of 25 years of student development administration, counseling, and teaching. The authors have been administrators of college enrollment programs, academic coordinators, school retention administrators, as well as college counselor trainers.

Dr. Edmond Hallberg, Ed.D., has an extensive background in stress research, assessment, and management. He received his degree from Stanford University and is professor emeritus of Education and Higher Education Counseling Coordinator at California State University, Los Angeles. His past experience includes being a college counselor, Coordinator of Academic Advising, Director of Admissions, and Dean of Students. He is the co-author of Making the Dean's List, the School Success Factors Index and www. Smartgrades.net.

Kaylene Hallberg, M.S., is the former Dean of Student Development for the110 California Community Colleges. She has also been Dean of Counseling at Cypress College and is currently Dean of Counseling at Sierra College. She is the co-author of the College Success Factors Index, School Success Factors Index, Making the Dean's List, and Smartgrades.net.