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A Brief Overview of the Ten Factors of the College Success Factors Index 2.0

Responsibility/Control: If we do not take control over the responsibilities we assume in college, less success is possible.

Competition: The need to compete is part of our culture and thus an aspect of college and career success.  For successful students, competition becomes internalized-they compete with themselves.

Task Planning: A strong task orientation and a desire to complete a task in a planned step-by-step manner are very important to college success.

Expectations: Successful students have goals that are related to assignments, areas of study, and future careers.

Family Involvement: Family encouragement and/or participation in planning and decision making are factors in a student's success.

College Involvement: Being involved in college activities, relating to faculty and developing strong peer relationships are important factors in retention.

Time Management: How people maximize their time and prioritize class assignments affects their productivity and success.

Wellness: People need ways to handle their problems. Stress, anger, sleeplessness, alcohol/drug use, inadequate diet and lack of exercise are deterrents to college success.

Precision: To approach one's education by being exact, careful with details and specific with assignments is a measure of success.

Persistence: To face a task with diligence, self-encouragement and a sense of personal urgency even when some tasks take extra effort and are repetitious is a mark of academic success.