Core Titles


Economics and Personal Finance
Tucker / Ryan
ISBN-13: 9781133562108

As the one-semester, senior high school economics course evolves to include personal finance concepts, South-Western’s Economics and Personal Finance is the ideal text to introduce students to the basic concepts of land, labor, and capital.

  • One semester text that teaches both Econ & Personal Finance topics
  • Covers personal finance topics as economic concepts are taught
  • Integrated approach makes economic and personal finance topics more applicable and understandable
  • Emerging course that is often a required course
Managing Your Personal Finances, 6e Cover

Managing Your Personal Finances, 6th Edition
Joan S. Ryan
ISBN-13: 9780538449373

  • Full year comprehensive approach
  • 11th & 12th grades – for higher level business courses
  • Great for future business or finance majors
  • In-depth exploration of finance topics from a business perspective
  • Covers personal finance and life-long financial planning
  • Most often used for business elective courses
Personal Financial Literacy, 2e Cover

Personal Financial Literacy, 2nd Edition
Joan S. Ryan
ISBN-13: 9780840058294

  • Suitable for one semester
  • Intended for 9th and 10th grade students
  • Meets the needs of Financial Literacy as a graduation requirement
  • Intended for general curriculum
  • Uses a personal focus on financial information
  • Offers information on personal income, money management, spending and credit, saving
  • Now available with CourseMate, which includes an interactive eBook, interactive teaching and learning tools, and Engagement Tracker.
Economic Education for Consumers, 4e Cover

Economic Education for Consumers, 4th Edition
Roger LeRoy Miller
Alan D. Stafford
ISBN-13: 9780538448888

  • Full year comprehensive approach
  • Suitable for 9th & 10th grades – intended for lower level business courses
  • Provides broad coverage of personal finance topics
  • Covers consumer spending and wise purchasing
  • Provides a business and personal focus for finance topics
  • Can be used as part of general curriculum, but is intended for a business elective class