Sizer/Whitney's Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, 12e Community Site
Teaching and Learning Resources

Student Resources

  • Diet Analysis Plus
    Take control.  Reach your goals.  Experience Diet Analysis Plus.
    Diet Analysis Plus allows students to track their diet and physical activity, and analyze the nutritional value of the food they eat—all while gaining a better understanding of how nutrition relates to, and impacts, their lives.  It includes a 20,000+ food database; 11 customizable reports for analysis; 10 new assignable labs; custom food and recipe features; the latest Dietary Reference Intakes; and goals and actual percentages of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Use the Diet Analysis Plus activities in the “Concepts in Action” features to show students how the concepts they learn in the text relate to their personal dietary goals.

  • CengageNOW
    CengageNOW™ provides homework management tools for instructors and online study tools for your students. Each chapter in Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies prompts students to use CengageNOW resources, such as diagnostic pre- and post-tests, Personalized Learning Plans, animations, case studies, “My Turn” videos, Pop-up Tutors, and more. Easy to assign and track, CengageNOW saves time both for you and your students to better support your course goals and their learning objectives.

  • Study Guide
    The comprehensive Study Guide provides students with a detailed outline of chapter material, reiterating chapter objectives. Crossword puzzles and matching exercises help students review key concepts and probing short answer and essay questions test their application of the material. A sample test for each chapter and helpful study tips are also included.

  • A Functional Approach: Vitamins and Minerals for Sizer, Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, 12e
    This laminated reference tool organizes the vitamins and minerals by body system (bone health, cardiovascular system) to help students review them by function.  This valuable supplement can be packaged with the text at no additional cost.

  • Companion Web Site for Students
    Access useful study tools online, such as quizzes, flashcards, and review games.

Instructor Resources

  • Instructor's Manual
    This comprehensive resource features new critical thinking questions and Controversy section review questions, food label and diet planning worksheets, in-class activities, learning objectives, chapter summaries, detailed lecture presentation outlines annotated with media and print resources, Canadian information, and text-specific handouts.

  • Power Lecture with ExamView & JoinIn DVD
    This one-stop preparation tool makes it easy for you to create dynamic custom lectures and develop assessments for your course. The PowerLecture DVD contains figures from the text as PowerPoint®-ready image files, ready-to-use PowerPoint® lecture presentations with visuals, JoinIn Student Response System multimedia quizzes, ABC® video clips, animations, and electronic versions of the Instructor's Manual and Test Bank with ExamView®.
  • Companion Web Site for Instructors
    Access useful resources for your courses, including Instructor’s Manual, test bank questions, and more.

Course Management Systems

  • WebTutor™ on WebCT® or Blackboard®
    Provides customizable, text-specific content within WebCT® or Blackboard® that allows you to edit, reorganize, or delete content to meet course needs. It offers quizzing, web links, discussion topics, media assets, test bank materials, and Pop-Up Tutors.

  • WebTutor on WebCT Instant Access Code

  • WebTutor on Blackboard® Instant Access Code

  • WebTutor on WebCT Printed Access Card

  • WebTutor on Blackboard® Printed Access Card

  • WebTutor + on WebCT Printed Access Card
    Includes an eBook for your students.

  • WebTutor + on WebCT Instant Access Code
    Includes an eBook for your students.

  • WebTutor + on Blackboard® Printed Access Card
    Includes an eBook for your students.

  • WebTutor + on Blackboard® Instant Access Code
    Includes an eBook for your students.

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