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Workbook: Student Workbooks for Algebra Activities

Algebra Activities are designed to teach students algebraic concepts by having them seek out patterns, understand subtle differences in notation, and find similarities between algebraic structures in different topic areas. Many of the activities are really more like puzzles, and all of them are designed to make classroom use easy for math instructors.

Algebra Activities Student Workbooks contain all the activities and assessments for the chapters that correlate with your textbook.  These workbooks are available with the all Cengage Learning Algebra texts:

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Sometimes it is difficult to know what concepts a class is going to struggle with until you’re actually in the classroom.  Using student workbooks allows your teaching to be flexible.  When you discover that students need more time engaging with a particular topic, you will be able to find just the right activity without pre-planning the copies.

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Although instructors who have adopted the texts have permission to make classroom copies from the IRB activities and assessments, it might put a strain on your department’s copying budget, and your time, to make so many copies for each class. Consider that at this moment, there are over 450 pages of activities and assessments written for this book. If you copied half the activities and assessments for a class of 30 students, then each class section would cost your department $270 for copying (assuming 4 cents a page).

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