4th Annual Economics Teaching Conference
Call for Papers and Presentations

Presentation Submission Information

If you are interested in presenting, please send a 350-500 word abstract to: submissions@gulfcoastecon.org. Approved presentations will be advised via email.

The following list shows the papers/presentations already on our agenda for the 4th Annual Conference!

From Television to Textbook, In Your Business
Timothy W. Scales
Indiana University East

Bringing Economics to Life (and Life to Economics!)

Bruce Madriaga
Montgomery College

An Animated View of Demand and Supply

Marilyn Cottrell
Brock University

Using Gapminder for Time Series Macroeconomic Data in the Classroom

Ryan Phelps
Stephen F. Austin State University

Certificate of Need Regulation in the Nursing Home Industry: Has it Outlived its Usefulness?

Barbara J. Caldwell
Saint Leo University

Using Our WITS in the Classroom

Tara Larson
University of Texas at Dallas

I Must Say, The Mind Reels: The Economic Milieu of Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Madelyn Young
Converse University

Overfishing and Global Warming Experiment in Class (with Aplia)

Mitch Charkiewicz
Central Connecticut State University

Web 2.0 and Economics in the Classroom: YouTube, Blogs, Wikis, etc.

Davin Winger and David Miller
Oaklahoma Panhandle State University

Simplified Teaching of Economics: Passion and a Piece of Chalk

Biagio Sciacca
Penn State University

Teaching Economics Using Experiments

Noreen Templin
Wichita State University

Teaching Globalization

Sharon Eicher
Friends University

Using Standardized Testing to Assess Student Learning in Introductory Economics Courses

Richard H. Courtney
Kara T. Boatman
William Lee
Saint Mary’s College of California