American Government: Historical, Popular, and Global Perspectives
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  • CourseMate for American Government
    A flexible, online course program that motivates every kind of learner!
    Engaging. Trackable. Affordable.

    • CourseMate offers an extensive variety of rich online learning resources designed to enhance the student experience and to help you access your students’ engagement to your course.

    • Integrated eBook
      Includes highlighting and search capabilities along with links to simulations, Animated Learning Modules, Interactive timelines, video activities, primary sources quizzes, tutorial quizzes, and flashcards.

    • Engagement tracker
      A unique, state-of-the-art instructor tool that enables you to assess student preparation and engagement. Use the tracking tools to see progress for the class as a whole or for individual students. Identify students at risk early in the course. 

    • Animated Learning Modules
      Great review tools, these modules cover topics such as The Constitution, Civil Liberties, Political Participation, Interest Groups, Congress, and The Presidency.

    • Simulations
      In these realistic scenarios, students assume the roles of vice-president, legislators, jurists, and other related to government.

    • NewsNow
      Featuring a current compilation of weekly news stories from the Associated Press with videos and images, NewsNow brings current events to life. For instructors, NewsNow includes a set of multimedia-rich PowerPoint slides posted each week to the password-protected area of the textbook’s Instructor Companion Website. You can use these slides to take a class poll or trigger a lively debate about political events happening right now.

    • CourseMate also includes learning objectives, critical thinking activities, video activities, audio summaries, interactive timelines, and flashcards. Visit

  • CourseReader: American Government
    It’s easy to create a customized e-reader for your course! With CourseReader’s database of hundreds of documents, readings and videos, instructors can search by criteria or browse the collections, to preview and then select a customized collection to assign their students. The sources are edited to an appropriate length and feature pedagogical support, including a headnote describing the document and critical thinking and multiple-choice questions to verify that the student has read and understood the selection. Students can take notes, highlight and print content. For more information visit CourseReader: American Governmen

  • PowerLecture DVD

    • Interactive PowerPoint Lectures. This one-stop lecture and class preparation tool makes it easy for you to assemble, edit, publish, and present custom lectures for your course, using Microsoft® PowerPoint®. The interactive PowerPoint lectures bring together text-specific outlines, audio and video clips from historic to current day events, animated learning modules illustrating key concepts, and tables, statistical charts and graphs, and photos from the book, as well as outside sources. In addition, you can add your own materials—culminating in a powerful, personalized, media-enhanced presentation.

    • Test Bank in Microsoft Word and ExamView® computerized testing with a large array of well crafted multiple-choice and essay question, along with their answers, page references, and difficulty level.

    • Instructor’s Manual with learning objectives, chapter outlines, discussion questions, suggestions for stimulating class activities and projects, tips on integrating media into your class, including step-by-step instructions on how to create your own podcasts, suggested readings and web resources, and a section specially designed to help teaching assistants and adjunct instructors.

    • Resource Integration Guide outlines the rich collection of resources available to instructors and students within the chapter-by-chapter framework of the book, suggesting how and when each supplement can be used to optimize learning.

    • JoinIn™ on TurningPoint® for American Government
      Wadsworth Cengage Learning is now pleased to offer you book-specific JoinIn™ content for Response Systems tailored to the Dautrich/Yalof text, allowing you to transform your classroom, assess your student's progress, and examine concepts in political science with instant in-class quizzes and polls.
      To support this book, we also provide JoinIn questions in three formats:

  • The student companion website features Politics Interactive, a feature created by the authors that allows students to examine the three perspectives on government – historical, popular, and global – through online research and exercises. Visit today!

  • Political Theatre DVD 2.0
    Bring politics home to students in a real, visceral way, illustrating how American political thought is acted out within and for the public sector. Choose clips from dozens of watershed moments in politics with these 4 DVDs including political ads, speeches, and documentary footage. This free instructor ancillary can be shown in class as a lecture launcher, to prompt class discussion, or to provide a platform for homework assignments and research. Your local Wadsworth sales representative can provide you a sample DVD and will send you the full set upon the adoption of a Wadsworth textbook.

  • JoinIn™ on TurningPoint® for Political Theatre
    Transform your classroom by combining the power of Political Theatre with the innovative teaching tool of a classroom response system through JoinIn™. Instantly poll your students with questions we’ve created for you! We’ve done the work by providing over 100 Political Theatre-related questions from which to choose. Additionally, you can choose to create your own custom questions.

  • WebTutor™ Rich with content for your American government course, this Web-based teaching and learning tool includes course management, study/mastery, and communication tools. Use WebTutor to provide virtual office hours, post your syllabus and track student progress with WebTutor’s quizzing material. For students, WebTutor offers real-time access to interactive online tutorials and simulations, practice quizzes, and Web links—all correlated to American Government: Historical, Popular, and Global Perspectives. Available in WebCT and Blackboard.


  • ABC News Videos for American Government A collection of three- to six-minute video clips on relevant political issues. They serve as great lecture or discussion launchers. On VHS or DVD.

  • Video Case Studies for American Government Free to adopters, this award-winning video contains twelve case studies on the debate on recent policy issues, such as affirmative action. Each case ends with questions designed to spark classroom discussion.

  • Turnitin®—This proven online plagiarism-prevention software promotes fairness in the classroom by helping students learn to correctly cite sources and allowing instructors to check for originality before reading and grading papers. Turnitin® quickly checks student papers against billions of pages of Internet content, millions of published works, and millions of student papers and within seconds generates a comprehensive originality report. A booklet, How to Avoid Plagiarism Using Turnitin, is also available; ask your Cengage Learning representative for details.

  • Building Democracy: Readings in American Government This extraordinary collection provides access to over 500 historical documents and scholarly readings to create the ideal supplement for any American Government course. Cengage Learning Custom Solutions’ intuitive TextChoice web site at allows you to quickly browse the collection, preview selections, arrange your table of contents, and create a custom cover that will include your own course information. Or if you prefer, your local Cengage Learning representative will be happy to guide you through the process. Consider for Students, available packaged with the book

  • CengageNOW— CengageNOW, updated and enhance for 2008, will generate a personalized study plan for each student and direct them to the appropriate premium resources, including an integrated online e-book, new interactive Simulations focusing on the 2008 Presidential Elections, ongoing 2008 Election Updates, Animated Learning Modules illustrating key concepts, Participation exercises , Video Case Studies, MicroCase exercises, updated internet activities, web links, regularly updated polling questions, and Timelines. Visit today!

  • Study Guide—Chapter Summary, Key Terms, and a Practice Exam for every chapter of the book, created by Richard Kiefer of Waubonsee Community College.

  • Companion Website for American Government: Historical, Popular, and Global Perspectives—students will find free and open access to Learning Objectives, Quizzes, Chapter Glossaries, Flash Cards, Crossword Puzzles, and Internet activities. This site also features Politics Interactive, a feature created by the authors that allows students to examine the three perspectives on government – historical, popular, and global – through online research and exercises.

  • The Handbook of Selected Court Cases—Includes more than thirty Supreme Court cases.

  • The Handbook of Selected Legislation and Other Documents—Features excerpts from laws passed by the U.S. Congress that have had a significant impact on American politics.

  • Election 2006: An American Government Supplement By John A. Clark and Brian Schaffner The use of real examples in this election booklet, which will address both the 2006 congressional and gubernatorial races, makes the concepts covered come alive for students.

  • American Government: Using MicroCase ExplorIt, Ninth Edition By Barbara Norrander. Windows-compatible package that includes access to MicroCase datasets and workbook. Students make their own decisions about the issues as they analyze and interpret current NES and GSS data.

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