“Great explanations on the workings of government. Makes it easy to find info on elected officials including bios, background, etc. Nice easy-to-use interface and easily personalized by entering an individual's location information.”

FINALLY!  A government resource at our fingertips!”

“We often have questions about this sort of thing, and there really isn't a good comprehensive place to look up officials from federal to local. This would be a great resource for that.”

“This would make manually updating this information on library websites unnecessary.”

“Easy to use for our patrons, many of whom are eager to become U.S. citizens. This product explains the U.S. legislative process in terms anyone can understand. Also makes it very easy to find your local government officials.”

“I like that it is standardized across states (most states offer less user-friendly and vastly different options for accessing this information), I like that I can click between a representative's or local senator's committees. Non-biased (presumably) biographical information is also a plus.”

“I like that the information is easy to understand and interpret. I have used other Websites and products to find this information, and while they provide it, understanding the information was not very easy, and the products were not user-friendly. MyGovernment was very easy to use and it provided complete profiles.”

Well organized; easy to use--multiple approaches. Gives a basic overview of government and how work is done that would be useful in our community in particular as nearly half of the population is foreign born. We have a citizenship class that meets here.”

I like the fact that so many basic civics and political questions can be answered in the same site.”