Look for People.

The demise of Directory Assistance (DA) and White Page contact information has been fueled by the emergence of new phone service providers, alternative landlines, and wireless technologies. This information is becoming less comprehensive — with missing addresses and outdated information — and increasingly unavailable. Dependence on these data sources alone to search for an individual, a friend, a relative — or to create a market research list — can cause excessive resource and budget wastage.

Reach Out.

With DEMOGRAPHICSNOW, users can easily search for an individual or create a detailed market research list from more than 206 million U.S. residents organized in 135 million households. They can search by name, address, or telephone number — or by a variety of U.S. Census neighborhood data averages. Results are relevant, accurate, real-time, and delivered in a matter of seconds, empowering would-be and established businesses to respond accordingly to changing market conditions. Lists can be exported into PDF, Excel, or Word format.

  • QUICK SEARCH is perfect for finding a specific person. Simply enter the first and/or last name and select one or more geographic criteria.
  • CUSTOM SEARCH — ideal for small businesses — allows users to target a specific audience and build a marketing list. Filtering combination options include name, phone, street address, and special criteria — such as median household income, education, and more.

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