Explore Demographics.

DEMOGRAPHICSNOW provides highly sought after demographic data that allows prospective entrepreneurs, long-time business owners, and students building marketing plans to collect, analyze, and quickly act upon information. DEMOGRAPHICSNOW makes it easy for users to filter comprehensive data and identify clear trends that help them take advantage of business opportunities.


Superior reporting capabilities.

Users of DEMOGRAPHICSNOW can produce a variety of compiled reports — standard and custom — that will help make informed decisions. The demographics tool leverages multiple data sources to help users “crunch” data in easy-to-use report formats that can be exported in PDF, Excel, and Word.

EXAMPLE: Comparison Report
Access a demographic report on any U.S. geography — or compare multiple geographies — for information including income, housing, race, age,
education, retail spending, consumer expenditures, businesses, census data, and MOSAIC lifestyle market segmentation classifications. Drill down
geographically by state, county, zip code, congressional district, metro CBSA, and more.


EXAMPLE: Summary Report


EXAMPLE: Rank Report




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