Look for Businesses.

According to the United States Census Bureau Economic Census, there are just over 26 million businesses in the United States. An analysis of these firms yields a few striking observations:

• Only 7 million U.S. firms have employees, the balance are non-employers

• 75% of businesses in the United States are sole proprietorships, 7% are corporations, and the remaining 18% are mostly partnerships

For firms that sell to businesses of all sizes, small business represents a significant business opportunity, but information on small businesses is often traditionally difficult to find. DEMOGRAPHICSNOW solves that problem.

Search for an individual company or create a mailing list of multiple companies from more than 23 million businesses. Searches can be refined by company name, executive title, business type, number of employees, credit rating, and more. Users even have access to out-of-business listings back to the year 2000.

With DEMOGRAPHICSNOW users can perform a quick search or a custom search.

  • QUICK SEARCH is the ideal way to find a business or company when you know all or part of the company name, an executive’s first
    and/or last name, or a geographic location.
  • CUSTOM SEARCH allows users to create lists of businesses to target with their services, or build a list of potential competitors.


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