Instant access to highly detailed U.S. demographic, business, and residential data

DEMOGRAPHICSNOW: Business & People is a comprehensive business and residential reference and research tool. Users can produce comprehensive business and residential lists as well as detailed demographic reports, maps that ‘visualizes’ trends, and customized customer reports by uploading thier own data. The powerful assets of DEMOGRAPHICSNOW allow libraries to replace multiple product subscriptions with one affordable resource your users will return to time and again for business information needs. 

Harness the power and functionality of DEMOGRAPHICSNOW to:

  • Assess business viability
  • Perform market and site location analysis
  • Create sales leads and/or marketing mailing lists
  • Obtain Census block-group, geographic, and other eye-opening data on actual customers with the upload feature
  • Find potential sponsors and donors to grow a non-profit
  • Prepare a small business plan
  • Analyze minority ownership
  • Compare macro and micro trends of a selected population
  • Determine business failures by industry type
  • Compare the demographics and market potential of any geography(ies) in the United States

What this means is that your local entrepreneurs can learn more about who is currently being served by their business, and who isn’t, so they can make adjustments in their products or services to grow their customer base and increase revenue.


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