Academic Libraries


Adapting the curriculum to the increasingly global nature of the business world 

Gale Business Insights: Global provides students and researchers with a unique source for international business intelligence and the tools they need to turn information into insight.

By combining extensive authoritative data and powerful analytical tools, Gale Business Insights: Global turns international business intelligence into a broader understanding.

Targeted search dropdowns and result filters help your users quickly and easily find the rich business information they’re looking for. Articles are downloadable in HTML format for easy highlighting, as well as, the original PDF form.  

Students are equipped to research international business topics and compare global economies, companies and industries in the context of timely news, and reports—all made available through a variety of initiative searching options. Interactive charting tools make it easy to analyze statistical data.

Educators are enabled to better teach international business topics with access to authoritative content organized around countries, global data sets and case studies that bridge the gap between the research environment and the learning environment.

Librarians are empowered to meet the needs of professors and students seeking hard-to-find data, demonstrating the enduring value of the library to the academic institution.

Features and benefits include:

  • Ability to search across multiple data types from a single search box with targeted search options by  category: company, article, industry, and keyword
  • Histories, SWOT Reports, Thomson Reuters Company Financials and Investment Reports, Market Share Reports, and Industry Essays.
  • All articles include PDF and HTML download options.
  • Interactive charting: Manipulate statistical data and customize your own charts
  • Deep links within search results that get users to the most relevant content in fewer clicks
  • Text-to-speech capabilities
  • Translation tools: Translate the user interface and  at the article-level
  • Robust glossary with thousands of business terms