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What's Available

Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Government and Economics, U.S. History, and World History resources are currently offered.

Custom Alignment

In addition to courses aligned to the national curriculum framework, CLiC offers solutions whereby content is hand-mapped to your school, district, and/or state-specific needs. We understand that schools and districts often have their own local standards for courses that either do not have state standards or that require coverage of very specific topics. We’ll work with you to provide content that directly aligns with those specific curriculum needs and deliver it in a format that you prefer.


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The Content

At Gale, we’ve produced some of the highest quality, most authoritative, up-to-date content that exists in the education market. We have vaults — both literally and virtually — of cross-curricular content that supports teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to, major content sets and primary source collections, magazines, newspapers, multimedia like podcasts and videos, and academic journals, which are then leveraged to build our hundreds of digital resources that reside in thousands of schools, colleges and universities across the country.





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