How to Use CLiC

Teachers and Administrators can establish and customize course page components to coincide with the mapped content from Cengage Learning. The administrative tool offers a simple process.

admin screen

Sample Screen

In this example screen, both the Biology and U.S. History courses are shown. Users can go right to the student page via the ‘class link’ or add their own links to the student page using the ‘create links’ option.

admin screen

Units Screen

The Units page not only lists the individual units that appear on the student page, but allows users to re-name the units to something more appropriate for the class and provide a brief description (using the pencil icon). Units, topics, and subtopics can be rearranged using drag-and-drop functionality.

admin screen

Topics Screen

This is a sample topic page, arrived at by selecting a Unit in the previous step. Here, users can obtain a direct URL to the topic page and see how many subtopics and articles make up the main topic.

admin screen

Easy Modifications

Teachers can easily add or rename articles, upload images, add comments to the topic page, or hide the topic altogether using the Edit tool.

admin screen

Content Management Tool

CLiC resources are highlighted by a back-end curriculum content management tool that allows teachers to customize their site and integrate their own activities, lesson plans, assessments and more. Teachers can customize their resource at the class, unit, topic, subtopic, and even the article level. And changes are real-time — whatever the teachers edit in the backend tool, students immediately see on the portal’s front end.










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