The student experience for CLiC: Biology begins with a home page that includes a simple navigation of the study units. Subtopics are accessed as students select them.

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Biology screen shotYour customized home page

The home page copy can be customized by teachers with an easy-to-use editing tool.

CLiC screen shotEasy navigation for students

Students can drill down to topics and subtopics by using the units links along the left hand side.

CLiC screen shotDepth of content for each topic

Subtopics are mapped to the main topic. "Cell Structures" in the center of the screen is an example.

CLiC screen shot

Web 2.0 and ability to listen to article

Note the available Web 2.0 tools box in the upper right hand corner as well as the ability to have the article read aloud via the "Listen" link below the article's title.









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