Forensic Science Virtual Labs


Investigate for Yourself

With today's popular television programs about criminal justice and crime scene investigation, students often have a passion for exploring forensic science. Now you can guide that excitement into a profitable learning experience with the innovative FORENSIC SCIENCE: FUNDAMENTALS AND INVESTIGATIONS and FORENSIC SCIENCE: ADVANCED INVESTIGATIONS. These dynamic, visually powerful textbooks have been carefully crafted to ensure solid scientific content and an approach that delivers precisely what you need for your high school course.  

Both FORENSIC SCIENCE texts offer a truly experiential approach that engages students in active learning and emphasizes the application of integrated science in your course. Student materials combine math, chemistry, biology, physics, and earth science with content aligned with the National Science Education Standards, clearly identified by icons.  


These books balance extensive scientific concepts with hands-on classroom and lab activities, readings, intriguing case studies, and chapter-opening scenarios. Comprehensive, time-saving teacher support and lab activities deliver exactly what you need for an integrated science education that keep readers at all learning levels enthused about science. This program sets the standard in high school forensic science ... case closed.