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Improve Retention with the CSFI 2.0 by:

  • Identifying “at risk” students with early-alert reporting
  • Implementing focused intervention strategies
  • Addressing the holistic development of your students through the examination of social, emotional, and cognitive factors

The College Success Factors Index (CSFI) 2.0 is an online survey that assesses students’ patterns of behavior and attitudes in areas that have been proven to affect student outcomes for success in college. The CSFI quickly and efficiently determines your students' strengths—as well as areas in which they need improvement — and then proposes interventions to help them succeed. The CSFI serves as both as an up-front pre-test of attitudes and behaviors and as a post-test follow-up that can be administered later in the year to measure the progress that students have made in each of the 10 factors.

The CSFI is an invaluable tool for counselors, advisors, and instructors that looks at the very fundamentals that are behind success in higher education.

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