Content Bundles

Gale Genealogy Connect has its content organized in bundles.  Each of these bundles is available for purchase or subscription.  Explore the depth and breadth of each collection:

Getting Started

With a unique collection of research guides called "Genealogy at a Glance," this group of 32 books lays a rock-solid foundation on which to build your family history. If you're a beginner to genealogy, start with the simplest book, William Dollarhide's Managing a Genealogical Project.
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Essential books show you how to define goals and conduct research using census records and immigration records.
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Colonial and Revolutionary

Colonial and Revolutionary books fill in details prior to the first census of 1790. They focus on early settlements, soldiers, courthouse records, bible records and westward migrations.
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This collection makes vast records accessible, identifying immigrants of every background: The original Pennsylvania German immigrants, the Huguenots of New York and South Carolina, and Irish immigrants, fleeing the Great Famine.
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Royal and Noble

From Charlemagne to Princess Diana, pedigrees are rendered in the form of charts, narratives and lineage records.
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Native American

These books help determine connections to the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole nations.
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New England

The early settlers of New England are the ancestors of over 30 million people living today. These books contain landmark publications on Massachusetts and Connecticut marriages by Frederic W. Bailey and standard works including Susan Roser's books, Mayflower Births & Deaths and Mayflower Deeds & Probates.
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