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 Scott Wille
 K12 Librarian » 

Lauren Comito
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Lauren Maggio
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Jackie Davis
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Scott Wille – K12 Librarian

Comic image of Scott Wille

Comic image of Scott Wille

Scott Wille is the Director of the Del Valle ISD Child Development Center. Before becoming a school librarian, Scott taught kindergarten, first, and second grades for nine years.

His colleagues describe him as friendly, organized, creative, energetic, generous, and inspiring to others.  According to one co-worker, “Mr. Wille works tirelessly to ensure the students at our school gain a love of learning.”

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Photo of Scott Wille



Lauren Comito – Public Librarian

Photo of Lauren Comito

Comic image of Lauren Comito

Lauren Comito is an Outreach Librarian for Queens Library, helping people understand and embrace technology, as well as assisting them in job readiness and locating employment. She has recently been elected as an ALA Councilor at Large, and has been appointed to the Committee on Library Advocacy. As Director of Communications and Operations for Urban Librarians Unite, she is a key figure in modern urban library activism and has been helped found an organization that has received national attention while scoring advocacy victories at home.

Ms. Comito is described as “an incredible force for librarian outreach and activism” and “the queen of job placement and resume makeovers.”  Taking her superhero role very seriously, she has been known to don a Spandex suit, mask, and cape to focus attention on the value of libraries to their communities.

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Lauren Maggio - Academic Librarian


Comic image of Lauren Maggio

Comic image and photo of Lauren Maggio

Lauren Maggio is the Director of Strategic Medical Education Development and Global Health Librarian at Stanford University.  In her role, she helps connect the Stanford community with information for their global projects. Maggio is an advocate for open access to biomedical information with the goal of providing health care professionals the Information Literacy skills to access best evidence for patient care.  Combining her Master’s degrees in information science and children’s literature, she is also interested in child and maternal health with a focus on enabling and encouraging children and parents to share literature.

An ambassador for good health both here and in travels to Africa and Asia, Ms. Maggio is described as being “always ready to help her students, residents, and faculty physicians tackle the toughest clinical questions.”  She serves alongside other medical school faculty to teach information literacy skills to students and, while pursuing her PhD, has studied how physicians ask clinical questions and search for relevant information.

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Jackie Davis - Special Librarian

Comic image and photo of Jackie Davis


Comic image of Jackie Davis

Jackie Davis is the Consumer Health Librarian at Sharp HealthCare, the leading healthcare provider in San Diego.  In her role, she helps patients, families and the San Diego community knowledgeably advocate for themselves as consumers of health.  Specifically, she works to extend the core services of the consumer health library beyond the walls to the bedside for patients and families during their hospital stay and to continue the relationship through and after discharge.  She believes in empowering patients to be their best own advocates and to enhance their sense of value and collaboration on the health care team.

“Passionate about teaching people how to be good consumers of health information, both through dialogue with their doctor and through quality and trustable health websites,” is how Ms. Davis was described in her nomination.  Her career reflects an evangelistic devotion to patient safety, advocacy, and education.  Reaching far beyond the walls of her home hospital, she attends local health fairs, speaks to community groups, and participates with a community taskforce to encourage health literacy.

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