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Getting Started


Students can write better research papers with Questia! Featuring a vast online collection of academic books, peer-reviewed journals, and research periodicals, Questia quickly and easily surfaces proper sources for your students' papers. They'll also save time when compiling the research for their papers and projects with powerful integrated tools that store, manage, and organize their work online.

Enables students to research and write with confidence:
•    Over 6,700 librarian-selected topics included to help narrow or broaden paper topic selection
•    Ability to accurately cite sources and build bibliographies in three different styles
•    Tools available to bookmark article pages, highlight important texts, and take notes –
all automatically stored in a personal project workspace 

Students can also instantly access credible, citable content from:
•    More than 77,000 full-text copyrighted books
•    More than 10 million articles from trustworthy sources
•    Academic and peer-reviewed journals, magazines, newspapers, and more!


Here are some helpful tools to make your first day of class countline

Instructor Presentation
   Step-by-step instructions on getting started with the product.

Student First Day Flyer
   Step-by-step instructions on how to sign into the product.

Student User Guide
  Step-by-step instructions on how to sign into and use the product.

Student Registration Self-Training Video
   Step-by-step video tutorial on how to sign into the product.

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